Creative Realty – Cash Rebate Program

How does the program work?

Cash Rebate will be paid to you as our thank you for using our services. The amount is determined by the Amount of the Referral Fee paid by the Apartment Community to Creative Realty. Generally, we pay 10% of our commission received as the Cash Rebate. Every property pays different commissions and pays our commission anywhere from 30-90 days after your move in. We pay you cash rebate after we are paid from your property.

You may choose a Cash Rebate (if you have met all requirements below)

NOTICE:  [The Apartments will NOT NOTIFY or Pay Creative Realty you have leased from them even if you listed us on the Application.]

**To Qualify for Rebate – YOU MUST NOTIFY us where you have leased so that we can invoice the property for payment.

To Qualify to Receive a Cash Rebate:

  • You must have Put John Caperton and Creative Realty as your locator on: Initial Registration Form and Application Form and all other paperwork.
  • You Must Have Notified Creative Realty of the name of the Property you Applied to: (by email, phone or Rebate Request Form)
  • You Must have – Submitted: Rebate Request Form Creative Realty
  • Only one rebate per lease
  • Only one person and one rebate per lease
  • Must be at least a 12 month lease
  • You never lived In this complex before
  • No Current or former employees of the property
  • Transfer or move to properties under the same management, don`t qualify for rebate
  • Being refereed by a resident or another locating service disqualify from rebate
  • The leased community must work with all locators
  • We must be paid by the community you leased at first before we can release your rebate
  • You must claim the rebate within 90 days of move in
  • We will receive the referral fee after you moved into your new apartment. Typically we are paid by the apartment community, between 3-12 weeks but delays do happen.
  • Your Cash Rebate Check will be sent to you immediately after we receive the referral fee.
  • You must sign a new lease, move in to the rental property, and reside there for more than 60 days.
  • Your name must be on the lease agreement as an occupant.
  • Cash Rebate will be determined by the Amount of the Referral Fee paid by the Apartment Community to Creative Realty.