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Creative Realty – Cash Rebate Program

Cash Rebates up to $350.00

How does the program work?

You may choose a Cash Rebate (if you have met all requirements below)

NOTICE:  [The Apartments will NOT NOTIFY or Pay Creative Realty you have leased from them even if you listed us on the Application.]

**To Qualify for Rebate – YOU MUST NOTIFY us where you have leased so that we can invoice the property for payment.

To Qualify to Receive a Cash Rebate:

  • You must have Put John Caperton and Creative Realty as your locator on: Initial Registration Form and Application Form and all other paperwork.
  • You Must Have Notified Creative Realty of the name of the Property you Applied to: (by email, phone or Rebate Request Form)
  • You Must have – Submitted: Rebate Request Form Creative Realty
  • Only one rebate per lease
  • Only one person and one rebate per lease
  • Must be at least a 12 month lease
  • You never lived In this complex before
  • No Current or former employees of the property
  • Transfer or move to properties under the same management, don`t qualify for rebate
  • Being refereed by a resident or another locating service disqualify from rebate
  • The leased community must work with all locators
  • We must be paid by the community you leased at first before we can release your rebate
  • You must claim the rebate within 90 days of move in
  • We will receive the referral fee after you moved into your new apartment. Typically we are paid by the apartment community, between 3-12 weeks but delays do happen.
  • Your Cash Rebate Check will be sent to you immediately after we receive the referral fee.
  • You must sign a new lease, move in to the rental property, and reside there for more than 60 days.
  • Your name must be on the lease agreement as an occupant.
  • Cash Rebate (Up to $350) will be determined by the Amount of the Referral Fee paid by the Apartment Community to Creative Realty.