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Second Chance Apartment Criteria in Houston

If you have a previous eviction, a poor credit score, a bankruptcy, or several other past issues, many owners and apartment managers will refuse to rent a place to you. They see you as the type of tenant who may not pay them their rent and it’s not worth the risk. Fair or not, you’ll be turned down again and again. This is a big problem because you still want and need a safe place to live. An eviction can be a black mark against you for the near future, but it does not mean you will never be able to rent again. Eventually, you will prevail in finding the right place to rent. It is time you look more into Dallas and Houston second chance apartments.  

These rental situations are made especially for people like you. You are past the financial of years earlier. You know you can pay rent consistently now; you just need a chance to prove it. Our apartment locators will work side by side with you to find an apartment that allows you to do just that. We will also go over the criteria for being accepted. Although every apartment community has their own criteria for accepting new tenants with second chance issues, most will require: 

#1 Your gross monthly income to be two to three times your rent payment. As an example, if your rent is $900, you would need to earn $2700 a month before taxes are taken out. The higher your rent, the more earnings you will be forced to prove. 

 #2 You May be Required to pay off your outstanding balances, as many properties are now requiring a $0 balance owed. This means evictions, broken leases, apartment debt, utility bills, tax liens, and other judgments. Sometimes, if you have several outstanding balances, you may be required to pay off the largest one. 

 #3 Sometimes, it is best to show you have re-established rental with another apartment since your second chance issue occurred. This is not always required. 

 #4 You should expect to pay higher deposits, up to one- or two-months’ rent, when you have a second chance issue. 

 If this seems like a lot to figure out, know that you are not alone. Creative Realty Your second chance apartment locator in Houston, Texas will help you take all the necessary steps to put all of this behind you. Remember, it is especially important to know what is on your credit before you go and apply at an apartment. We may be able to remove some of “dings” on your credit score to further improve your chances of being accepted. By knowing what is on your credit report, our team can help you more effectively and provide apartments that have worked with your situation.