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There’s nothing quite as exciting as moving out of your parent’s house and into a place of your own. You’ve no doubt been waiting for this moment for years! Before you rush into the first Houston apartment you can find because you’re so ready to go, you should take your time and learn a bit first. After all, you’ll be signing a lease and agreeing to live there for an entire year. If you make a mistake and get into an apartment that is too expensive, too far away from work, or just plain not right for you, this is going to be a very long learning experience. Don’t sign a lease without learning these tips for first-time renters!

#1 Set a budget and stick to it

Paying all of your living expenses can get overwhelming. If you’ve never rented your own apartment, you have a lot to learn about budgeting. We strongly encourage you to do more in-depth research on this topic alone and find some apps to help you manage. You don’t want a rent so high that you max out your budget and can’t afford other necessary bills, like electricity and insurance. Plus, living on your own won’t be any fun at all if all of your money goes to bills. You’ll never be able to go out and do anything! This time around, it’s a much better idea to find a place to rent at the lower end of your budget and get a feel for how things feel financially. 

#2 Plan for deposits and extra fees

There’s more than just your rent and monthly bills to plan for. Moving in and of itself can get costly pretty quickly. Do you need to hire movers? If you’ve never lived on your own before, you’ll need furniture and kitchen essentials. You’ll need a deposit, and probably an application fee. Many buildings require a first and last month’s rent to be put down too. Be sure to look over the written lease before you agree to sign it. Are there additional HOA fees? Is water included in your rent? Every building will be different. 

#3 Work with a professional 

As you’re becoming an adult, you will soon realize there are many things in life you don’t want to handle on your own. Finding an apartment to rent is one of them! Just like changing your oil and baking a wedding cake, some things turn out much better when a professional does them. There are professional apartment finders who can find your new apartment and it’ll quite possibly be a much better match than what you could find on your own.

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