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Have you made a few mistakes in the past? You certainly are not alone, although it is easy to feel that you are! Maybe you got in over your head with credit card debt and struggled to pay it back. Maybe a marriage didn’t work out the way you hoped, and left you broke after paying for a lawyer. Maybe you took out enormous student loans, so your credit took a big hit. Or, you had a run in with the law and spent a little time away in prison. Whatever your past is, it is over now. You are ready to move on and that is all the matters- to you, at least. To potential landlords and building managers, what they see is that you have a background that makes them too worried to lease a Houston, TX apartment to you. This is a big problem for you!

It’s tough to begin a new life, free of the problems in your past, without a safe and high-quality place to live. Yet, it is easy to feel like you cannot get a good place to live with your past ruining your present. There is something you can do! Reach out to Creative Realty and inquire about second chance apartments in Houston, TX.

Prospective landlords check your background to determine the type of tenant you are, and they are hesitant to rent to anyone with financial problems, bad credit, or a criminal past. We can help! You’re a likely candidate for second chance leasing if you:

  • Fail to pay rent on time, consistently
  • Have a non-violent felony on your record
  • Broke a lease with no good cause
  • Owe back rent
  • Moved out with no notice
  • Owned a house that went into foreclosure
  • Have been evicted
  • Filed for bankruptcy
  • Have a low credit score

Any of these in your background will make it very difficult when trying to rent a new apartment. Even if you move to another state, your past will follow you! Second chance apartment leasing is a fantastic living situation that provides housing to individuals despite a negative background. Taking this opportunity for a fresh start in a great apartment is worth it, even if you have to pay a higher security deposit and pay for debt still owed to others.

Don’t be discouraged that you are not able to get the exact apartment you want this time. By getting into second chance leasing, you will finally have the opportunity to establish yourself as a good tenant for future apartment rentals. You won’t be in this apartment forever, and next time you can rent the place of your dreams. This is your chance to do right! If you stay with the second chance leasing for a few years, pay your rent on time, keep your apartment free of damages, and work to rebuild your credit, you will have more success at getting your rental application approved at your next apartment.

You don’t need to find your second chance apartment alone. Creative Realty is here for you! We have a large selection of second chance apartments in the Houston area that consider tenants with various types of financial issues like yours. Call or text (281) 271-7075 and let’s get started finding you a great place to live!