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a bad score on credit report

Your bad credit is a problem. You don’t need to be told that; you already know! It does more than just make it nearly impossible to get a loan. It actually makes it difficult to find a great place to rent too. There are a few things you can do to get out of this, too. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Bring in a professional to help.

You can’t be expected to know every apartment for rent in Dallas at any given moment. There are thousands of apartments for rent, but few in your price range and desired part of town, plus that will accept you. This is going to be tough, and there’s absolutely no reason to handle it on your own! There are professional apartment locators who do this type of thing every day. An apartment locator in Dallas TX will help you find a place that will accept you and allow you to work on your financial situation.

2. Check your credit and begin to repair it.

You already know your credit isn’t great, or even good. It is best to find out exactly what it says on your credit report. You can then begin to knock off and pay back evictions, broken leases, bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossessions, medical bills, credit cards, slow pays, and more. This will help you raise your FICO scores and qualify you for a better place to live in a few years.

3. Look into second chance apartment rentals.

Second chance apartments don’t require good credit and a high income, and a criminal record won’t bar you either. There is actually quite a large selection of second chance apartments in the Dallas area that considers tenants with various types of financial issues like yours.

For those in the Dallas, TX area, Creative Realty can help you will all three of these things! Bring in our professionals to help you get your finances in order, and then work on a list of what you need in a new place to live. Lastly, and most importantly, we’ll help you actually find that perfect place!