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You’ve worked hard your entire life to stay out of trouble. Aside from driving a little too fast when you’re in a rush, you’ve obeyed the law and never done anything to negatively impact your future. As an upstanding citizen, you expect to be approved for things like a new job’s background check and apartment application. Then one day, you are not. In some cases, a person applies for a new apartment and finds out something shocking- they were denied their new lease because of their criminal record, a record they don’t actually have. If this has happened to you, you probably have two main questions on your mind:

  • Why did this happen?
  • What can I do to clear my name?

Let’s answer both of these questions now! The first thing to understand is that criminal record errors can and do occur on reports for many reasons. These include a human mistake in typing in a Social Security number, confusion between two people with similar names, or even files becoming mixed up on a busy court day. You probably won’t discover exactly why it happened to you, and in the larger scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter. Your biggest focus should be clearing your name so you can go back to having the spotless record you deserve.

If you believe there is an error on your criminal record, you can ask to have these criminal record errors fixed. If the criminal record is here in Texas, you’d search for “Texas criminal history information.” This will take you to the Texas Department of Public Safety, where you can find a page called Criminal History Error Resolution, which tells you what to do. This may not be the exact path for your resolution, though. How exactly to go about getting it fixed depends on which state the court appears in, and what type of court handled the case. Just because you live in Houston, TX area does not mean “your” criminal case did. 

If your criminal record contains inaccurate information, you can ask the state to correct it, no matter which state it is. Like requesting a copy of your credit report, you may obtain a copy of your criminal record to check it for accuracy. Be prepared for investigations into incorrect criminal record information to take a bit of time, which is understandable. You may want to delay applying for a new Houston TX area apartment until the correction has been made. Thankfully, there are experts who handle situations like this on a regular basis and can help you navigate the complicated situation.

Good landlords who manage quality apartments and rental homes will do a rental history check, which will include a criminal background check. This is certainly understandable, yet sometimes the results they receive are incorrect. This is why you should be proactive and know what your background check shows before you even apply. Creative Realty can help with this and other aspects of finding a new Houston TX apartment. We can help you repair your credit, get into a luxury apartment, find second chance leasing opportunities, and more. Do not allow a human error with your background to hurt your chances of finding the apartment you deserve. Remember, this is about more than a place to live. Your career could be negatively affected as well, and personal relationships too. Take the time to have this mistake corrected so you can move on with your life!