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Signs of a Bad Apartment

Looking for a new Dallas apartment can be a fun and exciting time, but it can also be pretty overwhelming. It’s a large commitment. After all, once you sign on the dotted line you are committed to living there for a year. How can you feel at peace with your decision? Experts recommend you watch out for these red flags:

#1 You Can Hear Noise from Other Apartments

If you’re touring the apartment and hear a neighbor’s music, tv, or talking, that’s a really bad sign. Some apartment buildings have really great soundproof walls, while others are paper-thin. 

#2 The Building has a High Vacancy Rate

Be sure to ask the landlord or building manager how many units in the building are currently vacant. If more than 10% of the units are empty, this could be a sign that the building is not a great place to live. People may be moving in and moving right back out!

#3 Parking is going to be an Issue

If you have a car, having a parking spot should be a given. Having to park down the street or pay for parking is going to get really annoying, really fast. 

#4 The Lease has Pages of Fine Print

Before you sign, be sure to thoroughly read your lease thoroughly, especially the fine print. Make sure it is easy to understand. If it has page after page of terms, it’s likely the landlord is planning to keep your security deposit at the best or knows there’s major issues with the unit at worst. Never feel pressured to sign until you’re confident you know what you’re getting yourself into.

#5 The Lease is Excessive and Demanding

Even if the lease is easy to understand, it should not come with tons of terms and rules to follow. If the lease contains unrealistic expectations, like not allowing you to have overnight guests in your home, these are signs of a controlling landlord and soon-to-be bad situation. You are paying to live in this space, so you deserve to feel comfortable!

#6 The Neighborhood is Far Away

The right apartment in the right building in the wrong neighborhood won’t feel so “right” for long. Be sure the apartment is near enough to all of  your lifestyle essentials to be convenient. You’ll want a reasonable commute to your workplace and other places you frequent, like the gym and your favorite coffee shop. 

#7 You’re Wondering Where the Rest of it is

A small budget lends itself to a small apartment, but you still need a certain amount of space to have all your stuff inside. Will your sofa fit in the main room while still providing you enough space to walk to the kitchen? Do you need a safe place to store your bicycle? While you’re touring the potential apartment, it is smart to carry measurements of your furniture with you. 

If you encounter any of these signs, quickly find a different living situation. This one isn’t for you! If you need help doing so, our Dallas professional apartment finders are always here to help!