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​The economy is tough. You don’t need to be told that! Maybe you’ve lost your job and found unemployment simply isn’t cutting it. Perhaps your hours have been cut. No matter what your situation is, it is not unique. There are many people struggling, just like you. If you owe money to a past apartment or landlord, you aren’t alone in this either.

Creative Realty can help you get back on your feet and into a new place to live with a Houston or Dallas, TX second chance leasing situation. The most important aspect of this for you to understand is that you need to pay up what you owe to previous apartments. Consider the following:

  • Today, most apartment properties are requiring a $0 balance owed to previous apartments to be accepted for a new apartment.
  • The date of the Broken Lease, Eviction, or Debt to an apartment, many times is not as important as having a Paid in Full balance on your account.
  • A Broken Lease, Eviction, or Debt with a balance owed means you will have fewer options. Pay off the balance and have more properties to select from!
  • Generally, you can get a discount from the apartment or the collection agency that may have purchased your debt.

You may be able to reduce your large balance owed! It’s much better to try to work something out with a soon-to-be previous landlord than to terminate your lease without excuse and legally owe them money. If you do not have a legal excuse for terminating early (or the landlord legally terminates your right of possession), you can be held responsible for the remaining rental payments under the lease. This is the maximum potential liability for rent for premature termination. You can also be liable for damages to the property, and also reasonable cleaning fees if authorized in the lease. If you move out early and your deposit is too small to cover these charges, the landlord may pursue other actions to collect the funds and will often report these charges to credit agencies if collection efforts prove unsuccessful.

Always provide the landlord notice of your intentions to leave because you should receive credit for any rents collected after you move and another tenant has replaced you. Providing notice may enable the landlord to find another tenant before you actually move out. This is what is best for everyone!

Discussing your need to move and working out a deal should be your end goal, not simply moving out. If you make an agreement, referred to legally as a “release,” in writing to prove you are no longer responsible under the lease, you can begin to work with Creative Realty to find a new apartment that is more in your price range or new area.

Please contact Creative Realty with any questions. We know you’ve had a hard time recently, but we’re ready to step in and help out from this point on! Request a list of Dallas TX Apartments or a list of Houston TX apartments to get started looking for a new place or asking any questions you have about settling up with a previous home.

(I am not an attorney and cannot provide any legal advice)