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We want to help everyone with 2nd chance Issues, but apartments set the Rules.
If you have any of the issues below, your request will not be processed (Automatic Denial)

NO Section 8 or Housing Vouchers 

NO Houses only Apartments 


FELONIES– (No Exceptions) 

MUST BE 10 Years or Older (NO EXCEPTIONS) 

NO Assault, Sex, Aggravated, Weapons or any Violence Related Offenses 

No (Active) Parole, Probation or Adjudicated  


NO Assault, Sex, Aggravated, Weapons or any Violence Related Offenses


Must Be Discharged (NO EXCEPTIONS) 


Cannot have 2 or More Balances Owed on Evictions, Broken Leases and or Debts Owed to Apartments (CANNOT HAVE MULTIPLE BALANCES OWED- No EXCEPTIONS) 


Must be Older than 2 Years (or) have a $0 Balance owed and only 1 


Must be 2 years or older or have a $0 Balance owed and only 1 

Most Require a $0 Balance Owed Regardless of how old 


2 or more late payments in past 12 months 


Cannot have 2 or more 2nd chance issues 

2 or more is a 3rd Chance not 2nd chance 

Check Your Credit – Free

Find out exactly what your credit report says before You Submit Your Apartment Request Form.

It is best to find out exactly what it says on your credit report along with dates and amounts owed before visiting any apartments or Requesting 2nd Chance Locating Service.

You will need to know dates and $ amounts owed on: Evictions, Broken leases, and other Property Debts as well as if when debts were sold to a collection agency.

Pull your Credit Report for FREE Now!!

(OR) – The Apartments can charge you to pull your credit, turn you down and keep your Application $$

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Creative Realty helps you find the right apartment for you. Get a customized property list, along with map locations, contact numbers, pictures and all the details you need.

Having trouble being approved by apartment communities?

Creative Realty also has a large selection of second chance apartments that consider tenants with issues like bad credit, broken lease, foreclosure, etc.

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Don’t let your second chance issues stop you from getting the apartment you need. Creative Realty creates tailored lists of properties that may consider you for a lease.

We list apartments in Dallas and Forth Worth Metroplex areas. Learn about the criteria for accepting tenants with evictions, bankruptcy, or other issues.

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Find apartments, townhouses, lofts, high-rise and mid-rise properties, penthouses, and more.

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